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Custom Designed Passive Houses (Passive House Consultancy)


We at passivehouseplans.ie offer the professional services of a team of Architects and Engineers who are qualified as Certified Passive House Designers the services offered are as follows:



1. Design and Consultation services for the construction of New Passive Houses to Passive House Standards.

We can design your site specific home, tailored to your requirements while achieving  all the health, comfort and running cost benefits of the Passive House.  Undertaking accurate design and calculations using PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) and THERM Software we created your custom designed Passive House. 


2. Design and consultation services of the retrofitting of existing houses to passive house standards. 


We are experienced in the retrofitting of existing homes to passive house standards.  We offer services in designing and calculating of existing dwellinghouses using PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) and THERM Software to achieve the passive house standards on existing homes.

3. Consultancy services for houses which already have received planning permission.


We can undertake an energy design of the existing dwelling house using the passive house software (PHPP) to achieve passive house standards.

4. Thermal Bridge Calculations of details to access heatloss using THERM software.

5. Specialist Consultancy for building contractors, architects and engineers.

6. Applications to the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany to achieve “Quality-Assured Passive House” status for your build.



With our experience and knowledge of materials we will undertake detailed construction drawings, thermal bridge free details and specifications using the most cost effective construction materials to achieve the most efficient construction method possible.


We can design your site specific home, to your tailored needs while still achieving extremely low running costs and the comfort benefits of the Passive House.  Please contact us for your free initial consultation and quotation.


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